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Midstar AB

Midstar AB is a leading pan-Nordic asset management companies focused exclusively on hotel real estate investments. The company was founded in January 2008 and invests in the hotel sector in the Nordic region. The company’s goal is to ”create better hotels” by management, active ownership and continued development of the hotel properties through strategic value enhancing activities. Peter Tengström, Ola Stendebakken and Marc Henriksen own and run Midstar AB, actively overseeing all aspects of daily operations. Their background covers transactions, financing, project management, business development, hotel management and hotel brand development.

Midstar Hotels AB

Midstar Hotels AB was founded in April 2015 by Midstar AB together with local institutional investors.
Currently, Midstar Hotels AB owns 28 hotels; 16 in Sweden, 8 in Norway and 4 in Denmark, with a total of 4 702 rooms.

Company founded
Hotel Rooms

We acquire hotels

Midstar is a long-term hotel real estate asset management company with extensive experience in the international hotel industry. Midstar is actively looking at hotel investments to build a balanced Nordic hotel real estate portfolio.

Acquisition profile

  • Business hotels in metropolitan and growth areas throughout the Nordic region, Germany and the UK
  • Repositioning opportunities in established regional or primary markets
  • Investments where our industry knowledge makes a difference for the development of the underlying hotel business

”Hotel ownership requires industry knowledge and the ability to develop the hotel operation in cooperation with the operator to meet the guests’ future needs.”


Sweden (16)

Rooms: 202

City: Stockholm

Rooms: 136

City: Halmstad

Rooms: 259

City: Gothenburg

Rooms: 115

City: Skövde

Rooms: 114

City: Bollnäs

Rooms: 124

City: Skövde

Rooms: 180

City: Karlskrona

Rooms: 143

City: Karlstad

Rooms: 223

City: Gothenburg

Rooms: 161

City: Umeå

Rooms: 120

City: Värnamo

Rooms: 163

City: Örnsköldsvik

Rooms: 129

City: Östersund

Rooms: 84

City: Sandviken

Rooms: 170

City: Täby

Rooms: 154

City: Borlänge

Norway (8)

Rooms: 121

City: Tromsø

Rooms: 140

City: Drammen

Rooms: 76

City: Tromsø

Rooms: 199

City: Kristiansand

Rooms: 140

City: Drammen

Rooms: 164

City: Mastemyr (Oslo)

Rooms: 158

City: Kristiansund

Rooms: 131

City: Ålesund

Denmark (4)

Rooms: 240

City: Copenhagen

Rooms: 366

City: Copenhagen

Rooms: 162

City: Copenhagen

Rooms: 322

City: Helsingør

Acquisition process

We perform a rigorous analysis and a comprehensive review of the property and hotel business. We evaluate the investments needed and the extent to which the hotel utilizes its potential.

Together with the operator, we set up a short and long-term plan for developing the business, building on strengths, managing challenges and creating opportunities.

”When the property owner and hotel operator share values and long-term objectives, only then can the property achieve its full potential.”


Peter Tengström

Partner, Managing Director

pt@midstar.se | +46 (0) 70-300 38 20

Ola Stendebakken


os@midstar.se | +46 (0) 76-830 07 68

Marc Henriksen


mh@midstar.se | +46 (0) 72-248 11 68

Stefan Soreby

financial director

ss@midstar.se | +46 (0) 76-118 38 67

Per-Anders Maxstad

Property Director

pam@midstar.se | +46 (0) 70-353 53 25

Torbjörn Nilsson

Property Director

tn@midstar.se | +46 (0) 70-778 37 22

Magnus Stålhammar

Property Manager

ms@midstar.se | +46 (0) 73 842 12 66

Ulrica Lindros

Asset Manager

ul@midstar.se | +46 (0) 72- 200 86 72

Robert Wilhelmsson

Asset Manager

rw@midstar.se | +46 (0) 70 333 55 66

Melinda Lundberg

Project Manager

ml@midstar.se | +46 (0) 70-735 33 92

Gustaf Mononen af Trolle


gmt@midstar.se | +46 (0) 704 22 82 76

Charlotte Jungner

Senior Financial Controller

cj@midstar.se | +46 (0) 730 22 39 91

Who do we work with?

Hotel operators who value a landlord with industry expertise and dedication, that takes responsibility for the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business. We also have close relationships with suppliers, construction and planning, from architects to municipalities.

Investor Relations

Latest News

2021-02-02 Hotell Mårtenson i Halmstad blir en del av Nordic Hotels & Resorts
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2020-12-15 Hotell Mårtensons nya Hotelldirektör – Linda Alm tillbaka i Halmstadsbesöksnäring
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2020-05-18 Midstar AB fortsätter att utöka och förstärka sin organisation 
Pressmeddelande – Ulrica Lindros, Magnus Stålhammar och Robert Wilhelmsson

2019-11-05 Midstar acquires Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen 
Press release – Copenhagen Admiral Hotel 2019-11-05

2019-10-01 Midstar acquires Marienlyst Strandhotel, Helsingør 
Press release – Marienlyst Strandhotel 2019-10-01

2019-07-01 Midstar acquires Best Western Plus Sthlm Bromma 
Press release – Best Western Plus Sthlm Bromma 2019-07-01

2019-06-27 Midstar utökar fastighetsavdelningen
Pressmeddelande – Torbjörn Nilsson och Elvira Andersson 2019-06-27

2018-10-30 Scandic Örnsköldsvik byggs ut med en ny konferensavdelning och 60 nya hotellrum
Pressmeddelande – Scandic Örnsköldsvik 2018-10-30

2018-10-10 Midstar utökar och stärker sin organisation med en Ekonomichef
Pressmeddelande – Stefan Soreby 2018-10-10

2018-07-06 Midstar acquires hotel under development at Göteborg Landvetter Airport
Press release – Scandic Flag Hotel 2018-07-06

2018-07-02 Nordic Choice Hotels adds another hotel in Ålesund
Press release – Quality Hotel Ålesund 2018-07-02

2018-04-30 Core Hospitality is taking over operations at Quality Airport Hotel Dan
Press release – Operations at Quality Airport Hotel Dan 2018-04-30

2017-11-30 Midstar förvärvar fem hotell från Strawberry Properties
Pressrelease – Midstar förvärvar från Strawberry Properties 2017-11-30

2017-09-04 Midstar AB utökar och stärker sin organisation inom Analys
Pressrelease – Robin Stenlund 2017-09-04

2017-07-05 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Grand Hotel i Köpenhamn
Pressrelease – Grand Hotel Copenhagen 2017-07-05

2017-06-19 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Quality Entry, Mastemyr
Pressrelease – Quality Hotel Entry 2017-06-19

2017-05-04 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Quality Airport Hotel Dan i Köpenhamn
Pressrelease – Quality Airport Hotel Dan 2017-05-04

2017-01-20 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Comfort Hotel Union Brygge i Drammen
Midstar Pressrelease – Comfort Union Brygge Drammen 2017-01-20

2016-09-01 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Scandic Örnsköldsvik
Pressrelease – Scandic-Ornskoldsvik-2016-09-05

2016-08-15 Midstar utökar och stärker sin förvaltningsorganisation
Pressrelease – Per-Anders-Maxstad

2016-07-01 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Scandic Värnamo
Pressrelease – Scandic Värnamo 2016-07-01

2016-04-05 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Radisson Blu Hotel Ålesund och Quality Hotel Grand i Kristiansund
Pressrelease – RadBlu Ålesund och QH Grand Kristiansund 2016-04-05

2016-02-16 Midstar Hotels tecknar avtal med Pandox om förvärv av åtta hotell i Sverige
Pressrelease – Midstar förvärv av åtta hotelll av Pandox 2016-02-16

2015-12-01 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Olav i Trondheim
Midstar Pressrelease – Clarion Collection 2015-12-01

2015-11-05 Midstar Hotels förvärvar Scandic Karlskrona
Pressrelease – Scandic Karlskrona 2015-11-05

2015-05-19 Midstar bildar nytt hotellfastighetsbolag
Pressrelease – Midstar Hotels 2015-05-19
Pressrelease – Midstar Hotels 2015-05-19 EN

Financial reports


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